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The Lissu saga and democracy dilemma

  • August 18, 2020 7:15 PM MSK

    This article was supposed to be posted on one of the daily English Newspapers in the Country was written by an aspiring 23 years old boy. For the reasons unknown they never posted. This shows how the media is afraid of the Government organs.


    In fact, I have a lot issues to speak out on the Opposition Chief Whip in the Parliament, Mr Tundu Lissu who miraculously survived in a failed assassination attempt whose masterminds still a top secret from security organs in the country.

    What I have penned  is  my opinion which is not either affiliated to any political party, but it is fundamentally based on the truth on the ground concerning attack nightmare that sadly concerns our fellow countryman.

    As there has been negative attitude among people that; when someone sharply differes with the authority is branded an enemy, which in my view is not correct in the sense that everybody has speech of freedom without breaking the laws of the land.

    In the name of democracy, we can't be on the same wavelength considering the fact that we are unique in understanding, analyzing and interpreting issues that come to our minds, with different opinions must be formed from our brains whose reasoning capacity is very sharply different from every man on the earth.

    With this regard, there is no need to sow seeds of hostilitity and hatred in the society where harmony and tranquility are perceived as our treasures, though we live in diversity since time immemorial.

    What happened to Lissu in the Capital Dodoma on the 7th September put the country into limelight from international landscape due to its blatant failures to net the assailants who allegedly committed such merciless attack on the Opposition leader.

    There is no need to recount on how he was the target of the assassination attempt because he has spoken for himself in an exclusive interviews with the UK's Financial Times and local tabloid Mwananchi paper.

    Judging from those exclusive interviews, it is suffice to come up with a hard-line stance that there was a clique of leaders from the state machinery with ill motives that aimed at assassinating him at behest of "unchallengeable" order from big guys in the government.

    What are identities of  those big shots who meticulously masterminded his failed assassination attempt in the very peaceful country?

    On a serious note, this is very fundamental question to be answered by criminal investigators as there had worrying trends that signals that there had secret movements that trailed an outspoken legislator, with he made complaints public at a press conference.

    It came to the public attention that he was clandestinely tracked by junior officers from the state machinery, but he told off them that they should not disturb him, he is an innocent.

    Starting with his early statement that came to everybody attention, including security organs, questions are abound as to what proactive steps they had taken to prevent him from being heartlessly attacked?

    But unfortunately, the police boss responded such burning question ridiculously on the grounds that as to where Lissu made formal complaints instead of complaining in the mass media.

    Strangely, Shockingly and Suspiciously with respect to "political response" which were forthcoming from Police Force that the public has put unwavering faith in detecting and forestalling crimes in the country respectively.

    And worse enough, it's controversial ban to the media industry from discussing his heartless shooting on the reasons that they would interfere in the ongoing investigations into failed assassination attempt.

    To crack the whip, the defiant media get banned after exclusively publishing articles that sought to put the Lissu saga in a perspective, with the government spokesman was very angry hence suspending the most vocal Swahili tabloid for three months.

    The reasons behind of their suspension are debatable in the sense that they don't hold water, though the ruling class defend themselves that they are seditious and inflammatory in nature no matter what.

    They appease them with soft stance that they have still room to seek the justice avenues if they are aggrieved by the government's decision, which to industry stakeholders is a just mockery and wastage of time.

    To them, the government is playing a cat and mouse game due to the facts that they urgently appeal the public to come forward with information that would lead to the arrest of assailants, ironically they crack down on them for their exclusive revelations.

    In light with state's clampdown on the media, what cooperation the government needs from the citizens under such hostile circumstances by arbitrarily silencing the public's mouthpiece with unjustifiable banning.

    The Lissu saga and banning vocal media cast a shadow of doubts over the state's will to come up with detailed report from their endless investigations for real, failure of that, the public trust would be on the decline to a large extent.

    Out of the Lissu saga, it is not a secret that there is an urgent need to invite over the foreign investigation bodies by merely giving a helping hand to local law enforcement organ by unraveling the riddles surrounding his failed assassination attempt.

     In the absence of international helping, there had worrying signs that Lissu's attack was politically oriented because of his unwavering outbursts against the Magufuli's administration in the political landscape.

    For political arena which is now seen as very delicate and threatening after his indefinite ban on political activities till next general election in the name of development does not augur well to good governance campaigners.

    The matter of the fact , the government dragging it's feet on finding the truth needlessly and it's hard-line stance not willing for international support leaves much to be desired to well-minded people with exception to sycophants who turn a blind eye to the state's grave mistakes for their political interests.

    The medical treatment expenses

    Things were not good in favour of the outspoken legislator with regards to medical treatment that he should have fully funded by the government and the Parliament which are statutorily responsible towards the sick lawmaker.

    The paradox of medical treatment took new twist as the Bunge distances itself from helping Lissu, whereas the government stated categorically that it has not washed it's hands of covering his further specialized treatment as critics argue.

    Adding salt to an injury, is the snubbing of the National Assembly to its Opposition Chief Whip, as there is no supremo who set own foot in Nairobi hospital where he continues undergoing medical treatment.

    What leaves many with anguish on their reluctance to visit him and the Parliament's indecision to foot the Lissu medical bill as required as per laws and regulations.

    Without mincing words, one can come to a conclusion that there is a hidden agenda in the whole saga surrounding Lissu, starting with no arrests of single suspects and the Bunge's dilly dallying to fulfil it's duties to serve its falling ill legislator.

    The democracy is at crossroads

    The Magufuli's regime makes headway in bringing about positive changes in the social and economic sectors, but the bitter truth it takes the democracy component for granted.

    It is of the view that democracy is a stumbling block to its set out initiatives as political noises would dog their spell out plans geared to turn the wheel of the development in the country, but forget the facts that development and democracy are intertwined.

    Despite they have flagship projects on their development calendar to transform the economy with a view to lifting up people out of abject poverty, it's crackdown on the dissenting voices raises an alarm.

    Another red flag that threatens democracy and activists is the growing harassment of the Opposition leaders who are seen as "threat" to the ruling class due to their unwavering standpoint on burning issues.

    To silence the dissenting voices, it  becomes fashion for the ruling class to engineer either arbitrary arrests or assassination, taking back the past scenarios that concern the Opposition leaders with mere charges in the court.

    Since Magufuli ascended to the presidency, a number of opposition leaders have been apprehended by the Police force on the political grounds, ostensibly conducting public rallies contrary to political rallies ban that issued by himself on the pretext of standing the government's development initiatives in the way.

    Shockingly speaking, nowadays the Opposition leaders are allegedly ditching their positions on the claims that they rally behind Magufuli due to his nonsense on the endemic corruption, cost-cutting measures and tax crackdown whose outcomes have impressed them to the point of resignation.

    The recent resignation of opposition legislator with claims that he has made such decision after being satisfied with Magufuli's zeal to fast track development projects, so  he sees himself valueless if he will cling on to the Opposition, while the fact that Magufuli puts the ruling party manifesto into implementation at speedy pace.

    The democracy questions are lingering in many minds as to what yardsticks they use to quit in support of him, while the reality on the ground is quite paradox in terms of economic performance and democracy by extension.

    The prevailing democracy situation begs more questions than answers by highlighting the indefinite ban on political rallies which are legally allowed by the Political Parties Act, however nobody has raised an alarm from the ruling party to condemn it in strong terms.

    What scares them most importantly, is the state's spotlight on their economic ventures, if they put  under microscope, they would lose their economic power so that they turn a blind eye on the democracy stagnation.

    Out of many ruling party cadres, it is only Mr Lazaro Nyalandu who came out with confidence to pay visit Lissu in Nairobi and few days later he made up his mind to step down as an member of Parliament.

    His resignation reasons were based on violation of human rights, democracy clampdown and miserable economy management by the state, with no supremo from his former party had confidently denied them but rather they play mudslinging politics to tarnish  image with mere charges.

    What was expected from the ruling party to put its former cadre's resignation in perspective rather than issuing statement that aimed at controlling damage which it has been suffered after losing its legislator out of the blue.

    Solutions out of good governance dilemma

    All these incidents point to the good governance crisis that large looming our nation and if remedial actions would not be taken early, the country would slide into dictatorship as some critics fear.

    As far as good governance is concerned, the government should govern the country in accordance with the laws as it will clear all doubts that people have in their minds that the country is at risk of being autocratic.

    Their mounting fears should not be taken for granted as they have freedom to express what they think of without breaking the laws, unless otherwise their views should be taken into keen consideration for the betterment of our nation.

    Just ignoring their calls for upholding the rule of law and promote democratization in the country would stir an unhealthy debate as well as attract international attention to shift their focus on our democracy trend.


  • August 20, 2020 8:41 AM MSK

    One of the well written post ! Haya ndiyo mambo ya kukaa kwenye historia ya hii nchi na kuja kusomwa na vizazi vijavyo

  • October 20, 2020 4:02 PM MSK